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Welcome to the Latest Film News website. We aim to promote awareness of Latest Film News and provide you with the very latest information and links regarding the matter. One of the biggest differences between high quality and low quality film news providers is their commitment to quality. This is evident in the readability or the quality of the writing itself, as well as the quality of the film they are writing about, which is an important point, with so many film news providers focusing solely on the mindless studio blockbuster releases, and completely disregarding the arthouse and independent movie scene. This is a unnecessary state of affairs, although it is maintained as they believe it is required to maintain circulation and sales. Celebrity magazines and web sites could still sell and get as many hits as they want if they occasionally printed a review of a genuinely worthwhile art house release as well as all the dross Hollywood churns out.

The sad reality is that modern media has a morbid fascination with celebrity, and as such modern film news will always be focused upon the celebrity led movies. The difficulty with this is that on the whole the celebrities that garner the most hits are the ones who are not involved in Hollywood’s quality output, and so there is an endless procession of vacuous stories about vacuous stars acting vacuous movies. The result of this is the marginalisation of genuinely great films simply because their actors are not sensational enough and don’t give newspapers and websites as much of a boost in sales or traffic. We would be glad to hear your thoughts and feedback regarding Latest Film News.